Hello readers,

   I'm glad you stopped by. My name is Elijah Cirioli. I'm a senior at West Linn High School in West Linn, Oregon. This website is a personal collection of my favorite coding and engineering projects from my time in highschool. Most of them were done for fun but a couple were related to computer science classes I took in school. Almost all of my projects you can see here were made using javascript, which I began learning in freshman year of high school. If I could go back, there's definitely a lot I would change about how they are made, but I believe they demonstrate a nice progression in my programming and organization abilities.

   I hope to someday go into a career in computer science or aerospace engineering, although I haven't fully decided yet. I've been programming in some form since I was very small, so my interest in that comes as no surprise. My interest in engineering grew from my time in FIRST Robotics in middle and high school as well as my time competing in ISEF. All of my skills are still developing (especially looking at the art I've made for these projects), but I have a strong passion for the work that I think will carry me through my future in the STEM field.

Thanks for reading,
Elijah Cirioli