Hello reader,

   My name is Elijah Cirioli. I'm a software engineer by trade and this website acts a collection of some of my favorite coding and engineering projects that I've done non-professionally. Many of them are from my time in highschool and college at Oregon State University. Most of them were done for fun but a couple of them were related to computer science classes I took in school. Almost all of the projects you can see here were made using javascript since they are the easiest to display on the web, but that's not all that I do. I enjoy high level programming, but I also really enjoy optimization and working at a low level, which often ties into working with microcontrollers. Whether it's functional programming or assembly, I like to dive into new areas and learn as much as I can.

  If I could go back, there's definitely a lot I would change about how these projects were made, but I believe they demonstrate a nice progression in my programming and organization abilities. It's also possible that this is all just an elaborate scheme to sell t-shirts. I guess only time will tell.

Thank you,
Elijah Cirioli