Hello readers,

   My name is Elijah Cirioli, I'm glad you've stopped by. I'm a freshman at the Oregon State University Honors College. This website is a personal collection of my favorite coding and engineering projects from my time in highschool and now moving into college. Most of them were done for fun but a couple were related to computer science classes I took in school. Almost all of my projects you can see here were made using javascript, which I began learning in freshman year of high school. If I could go back, there's definitely a lot I would change about how they are made, but I believe they demonstrate a nice progression in my programming and organization abilities.

   I plan to major in computer science and I hope to eventually get a job as a software developer. Through my participation in the ISEF science fair, the FIRST robotics competition, and the projects on this site I am preparing to hopefully set myself apart in this competitive field. I have high aspirations, I want to create something that can help the world. I'm glad you're joining me on this journey.

Thanks for reading,
Elijah Cirioli